Surely it’s not been since September 22 that I wrote anything here?!

In an attempt to bring new content to the site and collect my thoughts around Thanksgiving for posterity, here’s a short list of things for which I’m thankful.  Please feel free to share your reactions or your own thanks in the comments. Let’s create a cornucopia of gratitude!

1. My Family – We have several visitors this week who will warm our home and fill our table.  This weekend, the extended SF ‘family’ had a traditional (and now several-years-habitual) sit-down dinner, complete with the newest addition to our group. And yes, for my family in the mountains and Midwest, I miss and am grateful for you. Loved ones are the mirrors in which we mark the changes in ourselves and the passage of our lives and times.  They are our friends, our confidants, our playmates, our moral compasses, our teachers, our lovers, and our living history.

2. Food and Shelter – Joe and I constantly marvel that, while we’re not rich by any standard in this country, we are constantly well-fed, clothed, entertained, with a roof over our heads and comforts that abound. In fact, we got rid of cable this year because we were watching too much television, and I frequently lament the tightening fit of my clothing with shows how I have too much to eat. Let me never forget that this is not the case for the vast majority of the people in the world, and let me remember to share my abundance with them as best I can.

3. Students – You provide my livelihood, yes, but you also teach me, improve my own singing and yoga by inspiring me to practice or showing me new paths by your examples. I have many friends among you, and all of you hold a special place in my heart.  Keep practicing!

4. Music – This year, I have reconnected to singing in a profound way, both by renewed interest and progress in my own vocal practice, and by accepting more opportunities to sing for money, fun, or both.  I have also enjoyed listening to so much music this year, both live and recorded, and think it’s been an especially fertile year artistically for the entire diverse musical world.  I hope we continue to enjoy that abundance in the future.

5. Technology – Those who know me well (or even a very little!) will understand why this makes my short list.  Products by a company I won’t advertise for by mentioning here make my life so much easier, richer, and more interesting. Advances in web hosting and website creation have allowed me to create several websites for myself, my groups, and my friends this year. Music and yoga alike have been shared, discussed, promoted, and expanded through social media. And access to the riches of knowledge, art, entertainment, and discourse continues its increasingly rapid march toward democratization and universality. I hope this continues and that we personally and societally prioritize the sharing of technology among all people.

And now my longer list of things that need less explanation:

6. Green things

7. Coffee

8. hulu

9. Furry friends

11. San Francisco

12. Vibrams

14. Travel

15. The ability to read

16. Henry Purcell

17. Benjamin Britten

18. Composers

19. Clerestory

20. Trikonasana

21. Broccoli

22. Shazam

23. Sunglasses

24. Candles

– – this list is neither exhaustive, nor is it in order of importance, so i’ll finish with…

25. My sweet husband Joe.