This is the time of year to dream big. I think we’ve grown collectively weary of the new year’s resolution cliché. I have often scoffed at the notion that the flipping of a calendar date can prompt a new lease on life’s dreams and aspirations, or even change behavior patterns in the short term. It is however, possible and even likely that at this time of perceived renewal and opportunity, we can reflect on our hopes and goals. Taking steps toward those goals through persistent, dedicated action is the hard part, and the challenge of any new year’s resolution. I invite you to join me in dreaming big and then following those dreams one small, resolute step at a time.



My dream life in five years includes:

• children

• teaching yoga and voice out of a home studio

• publishing a book, some articles, or other written words outside of this blog

• world travel

• to be debt free

I think the first two are totally possible in that time frame. The third should be, but will require much more of the dedication of which I so blithely wrote. The latter two are financial and not as important in the grand scheme of things, but hey, we’re dreaming here right? 🙂

20120115-002927.jpgAnd speaking of Resolutions, Clerestory has a concert coming up by that very name! You have several opportunities to hear the program live, or as always on our website after the concerts. We’ll be taking it on tour to Madison, WI next month for the North Central ACDA convention. An exciting start to the year!