New Venture – SingAsana SUPPORT

Large Blog ImageIn addition to my work as a teacher and performer, I have spent almost ten years doing professional and volunteer marketing, digital communications, payments integration, press, social media, web design, and branding for small businesses, arts non-profits, and performers in the Bay Area. SingAsana SUPPORT is a business arm of SingAsana that offers marketing, digital media, web, and brand services to artists, non-profits, and small businesses at competitive rates. From personal experience, I understand the challenges of organization, technology, and self-promotion faced by every such entity, and am ready to set up streamlined, user-friendly, practical solutions your business can use to thrive and grow.

Email Me to discuss your business needs and get a quote. Rates range from $40-75/hr depending on the scope and complexity of your project.
As in singing and in yoga, mindful, clear intention and dedicated practice can help a business to be healthy and sustainable for life. SingAsana SUPPORT can help find your unique voice and position you for success.