SingAsana Summer Session 2015

20110711-0703354fc132440154e.jpgI can’t believe the end of the year is already upon us! Students, you have made wonderful progress in 2014-15, and I appreciate all your hard work, your excellent lesson attendance, and your delightful spirits along the way.

Summer Session lessons will begin in June, and I’ll be scheduling the whole summer this month, if possible. Of course, we can adjust as need be, and I’ll bill monthly as usual, but if you plan to study over the summer (and I hope you do!!), let’s please try to set things up soon. Email me to schedule. Thank you all!

SingAsana Summer Session 2015
June 1 – August 25, 2015

General teaching hours are:
MTWF 10am – 7pm
Th 10am – 4pm
Sa 10am – 3pm

Justin will be away July 2 – 12 and August 2 – 10.