Pandora’s Box . . . There’s an App for That

Prepare for a bit of horn-tootage. This is just a bit of documentation for my new venture—SingAsana SUPPORT—so please forgive the self-indulgence.

Pandora’s GiftSince its official launch at the beginning of April, SUPPORT has taken on two major projects. The first was the marketing and publication of Volti’s new multimedia choral performance art piece, Pandora’s Gift. Coordinating the print press, social media, online listings, digital ads, and blog for the project was one of the greatest publicity challenges I’ve faced, and it went swimmingly. It certainly helped that I had passionate artists, excellent images and sounds, and motivated professionals with which to work. The show was a huge artistic triumph (congratulations to all the artists!), and both performances were sold out. So . . . success!

See the project website here.


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11173392_455499081285443_7836672524961628711_nThe other project just wrapped is a mobile app for the Golden Gate International Choral Festival, coming up next month (July 12-18 in the East Bay and San Francisco). I built the app on the Attendify platform, which is reasonably priced and seriously easy to use. You could do it yourself, but since this tech stuff is an annoyance and so frustrating, why not let me?! 😉 Anyway, you can download the app here, and you should, because it’ll connect you with some amazing international children’s and youth choirs coming to do a week of concerts in the Bay Area. Check it out!Large Blog Image
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